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Student Opportunities

Southern Colorado and New MexicoStudents and Colleagues in the San Juans

I'm always looking for students interested in geology to take out west for ~2 weeks in the summer for research field work. We are continuing work on projects started in the summer of 2011 with Jacquie Smith from the College of St. Rose and her students. Students who are interested in being part of this project should be taking my introductory and surface geology classes to gain the skills necessary for doing field work. Our days will be filled with hiking in the beautiful San Juan Mountains, digging soil pits, and taking bog cores. It is difficult but fun work! You'll also be meeting and collaborating with students from other small colleges. Students traveling out west with me should be looking for opportunities to adopt a portion of the research as their own for a senior thesis. These research projects will present opportunities for you to attend conferences and present your work. Feel free to contact me if you are interested!

Research in the soil and sediment lab

There are ongoing opportunities to analyze soils and sediments in my research lab. There are a number of projects that you could take a portion of and make your own. These projects include analyzing sediments in order to reconstruct past climates and examining soils for properties that their age and developmental history. The soil and sediment lab in brand new as of the fall of 2011 and opportunities will continue to develop as it grows. Get in on the ground floor and gain valuable experience in the laboratory environment.

Possible capstone projects

- The causes of Piedmont stream incision

- Historic Piedmont soil erosion and sediment storage

- Lake Norman Delta Formation and infilling

- Lake Norman Island Erosion

- Campus stream discharge on 3 very different streams

- Extractable iron in soils on landslides


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