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Sediment and Soils (SandS) Lab

Sample Bog Core Scan

The Davidson College Soil and Sediment Core Lab is designed to collect and examine soil samples and sediment cores.  The lab supports my teaching and research examining late Pleistocene Landscape evolution.   The facility was new for the fall of 2011 and moved to the new Wall Center in 2017.  

The laboratory is a fully stocked "wet lab" with a full accompaniment equipment, sampling materials, and field gear. The soil half of the facility is designed to process and split soil samples and then test for organic content, and particle size. The core side of the lab is set up to process and describe sediment cores and includes a horizontal refrigeration system, a magnetic suseptibility meter, and a optical core scanning system. We've spent a lot of time recently getting the lab set-up for analytically chemistry and working on extractable iron content in soils.

Shaker TableSoilfurnace
The lab houses field gear for teaching and research including a full Livingstone coring system including a Bolivia adapter and coring tubes for coring. Soil description tools include Munsell soil charts, sampling supplies, soil augers, increment borers, shovels, rock bars, and sieves. Field gear also includes typical geologic gear including rock hammers and bruntons and the lab owns 9 pairs of hip waders.  The soils and core lab also houses the EmRiver Stream Table (see bottom).

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Office: Wall 272 - Research Lab: Wall 125 - Phone: 704-894-2096 - Cell: 704-840-4087
E-mail: brjohnson:AT:davidson:DOT:edu